It's OK to Be a Waterfall



It’s ok to be a waterfall. It’s ok to be a third, rickety wheel. When the car pulls up, it’s ok to sink into the pile of dirty laundry in the closet. It’s ok to talk about dinosaurs as if you were there. It’s ok to name your pillow Mother. When you are self-contained or restless, it’s ok to try on damages like lipsticks. It’s ok if you choose St. Germaine or Heroine. It’s ok to binge watch zombie shows. It’s ok to make a map of your scars & include no compass rose. Hunched over the toilet peeing, it’s ok to imagine the bulge of your stomach holds a baby. It’s ok to wrap your sorrow around a geranium. It’s ok if you lie about it or don’t.



This poem originally published in the summer 2015 issue of VoiceCatcher.